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How dog training is done right.

When your dog misbehaves, it can be tough to deal with. There’s one thing that separates the best puppies from the worst behaved puppies and that’s training.

  • Step-by-step training videos

    Expert Training Videos for all relevant categories.

  • Train your dog at home

    The training concept is an absolute breeze to do at home.

  • Bonding Sessions like no other

    Strengthen the bond between you and your puppy.

  • Physical & mental workouts

    Keep your dog in shape – mentally and physically.

Video Training

Hundreds of expert training videos

Our training experts have created a vast collection of videos for you to try at home with your pup, including clicker training materials and more! From basic stuff like sit and lie down, right through to serious stuff like office and medical training, each video features commands and instructions for you and your dog to learn together. You’ll go through each trick step-by-step, teaching you everything both you and your buddy need to know to succeed.


Train at home

At home puppy training

We know you might find it tough to find the time to train your dog and we know how expensive hiring a dog trainer can be, so we’ve done everything we can to make Pupy training an absolute breeze to do at home! Our 200 videos, split over 13 categories, are all designed to be done in the comfort of your own apartment or house, giving you the space and flexibility to try new tricks and commands whatever way you want to.


Grow together

Bonding sessions like no other

We know – spending quality time with your dog is a joy; it’s one of the best things about being a dog owner! Our app allows you and your puppy to strengthen your bond, building that all important trust that’s crucial in the human-dog relationship. Our training exercises are focused on building you both into a team that can go the distance – you’re on this journey together and that’s how it’s meant to be!


Health benefits

Physical and mental workouts

Dogs love exercise! Our training exercises give your furry friend the perfect excuse to blow off some steam as you run them through their paces with each video. The training also helps tone your puppy’s mental abilities, keeping their neural and motor systems sharp and ready to roll. With the help of Pupy, you can keep your dog in the best shape possible both mentally and physically.


Take your dog training to the next level with Pupy Pro!

We’re always creating new training exercises and videos to keep you and your dog on your toes – with Pupy Pro you’ll get access to every single piece of training material we ever make, delivered straight to your app.

  • Full access

    Full access

    You’ll get access to every single piece of training material we ever make.

  • Personal Trainer Contact

    Personal Trainer Contact

    Your personal contact person will answer all your questions.

  • Coming soon
    Personal Training Plan

    Personal Training Plan

    We provide a plan individually tailored to the needs of your dog.

  • Coming soon
    Exclusive Discounts

    Exclusive Discounts

    Benefit from exclusive discounts in selected dog online stores.

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