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Time to meet the Pupy Team

We’re a small and creative team passionate about dogs, training and the bond between humans and dogs.

Building a meaningful relationship between humans and dogs by creating revolutionary content and products.

In close cooperation with various dog trainers and cynologists, we develop training units according to the latest scientific research and create products that combine training and fun.


We live, love and work according to our values.

Our values guide us through every decision and every step we take with Pupy.

  • Innovation

    We are open to change and love progress.

  • Passion

    The engine that drives our ideas forward.

  • Responsibility

    The foundation, for every step we take and every decision we make.

  • Trust

    The key to an adventurous journey together.

The founding story

Why Pupy is the best solution for a strong bond between humans and dogs!

From the love for dogs and the passion for behavioral research the idea for an app was born, which makes professional dog training possible for every dog owner and improves the relationship between humans and dogs.

sarah mertes
Sarah MertesFounder

Pupy is the vision of innovative and smart dog training that improves the relationship between humans and dogs.“

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