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Avoid these 3 dog training mistakes

Many problems in dog training arise from small mistakes and inconsistencies. Often it is not because there is not enough training, but more because these mistakes are not communicated in the dog training. We at Pupy would like to introduce you to the top 3 mistakes in dog training and explain how you can avoid […]

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When is the best time to start dog training?

Did you just give a dog a new home and are now asking yourself when is the best time to start dog training? At Pupy, we want to help you prepare your little friend in the best possible way for his new life by your side, so you can experience all the wonderful moments untroubled […]

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What should I do if my dog is fearful at the vet?

Visits to the vet are stressful for most dog owners and their dogs. Whether it’s the annual check-up or our pet is sick, we automatically suffer along with them. When our dog is not only in pain but also scared, it is hard for most dog owners to bear to see their own animal suffer […]

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4 Tips for Dog Encounters

Meeting another dog on a walk is nothing unusual as a dog owner and should actually not be a problem if both human-dog teams abide by certain rules. Nevertheless, there are always situations that worry us, dog owners, when another human-dog team appears on the horizon. It doesn’t matter if it’s the fear that the […]

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5 tips for walking on a lax leash

Do you also dream of a relaxing walk with your dog? Walks are supposed to be relaxing for the dog and owner, but when the dog rushes through the front door with a tight leash, the relaxation is often gone. The good thing is that there is another way! We at Pupy have 5 tips […]

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