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My dog barks in the car – what can I do?

Can your dog really relax during the car ride? No? Then you are like many dog owners. Because although the beloved family dog is to be taken along preferably everywhere, it is often forgotten that driving a car must be practiced just like seat and place! Why does my dog bark in the car? – […]

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Featured Article

Mastering Dog Encounters – How does my dog learn to ignore other dogs?

Dog encounters should actually be something completely natural in everyday life with his dog. But for very many human-dog teams it means stress. Be it because your own dog pulls wildly on the leash, barks or jumps forward or because a strange dog rushes towards you and your dog unleashed – the encounter with other […]

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How many hours does a dog sleep?

Sleep, rest, and relaxation are not only important in our lives, but also in the life of our dog. If your dog gets too little sleep, it can not only affect his mood but also have a negative impact on his learning behavior, his metabolism, and ultimately his health. In this article, you will learn […]

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Training for puppies: how best to start?

As soon as a little dog becomes a new member of the family, we start thinking about its training. Of course, we want only the best for the little one! But where to start? Where do I start when training a puppy? Contrary to what you might think, your puppy’s training starts as soon as […]

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The basics of dog training

What is important in dog training? Every new dog owner wants a well-trained dog with whom you can have lots of fun, experience great things, and have a loyal companion by your side. For this, there is no way around good dog training. The question of how you train your dog is of particular importance. […]

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