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Is my dog dominant? Try the test!

The term dominance is unfortunately still misinterpreted in many online articles and social media as a character trait of dogs. Typical statements include: „If your dog, puts his paw on another dog, he is dominant“, „If your dog makes himself big and carries his tail up, he is dominant“, „If your dog behaves aggressively towards […]

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Can dogs sniff out fear? How well can dogs really smell?

Our dog’s sense of smell is comparable to a high-performance computer. With their over 220 million olfactory cells (cf. humans have about 5 million), dogs smell 10,000 to 100,000 times better than we humans, depending on the breed. No wonder, then, that amazing abilities and areas of application are attributed to the dog’s nose. „My […]

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New Year’s Eve training with dog – the best tips

New Year’s Eve means stress for many dogs. Loud bangs, hissing and weird burnt smells are new and unpredictable, especially for young dogs. That’s why it’s so important to prepare your dog, as early as possible for this time of year. We show you the 3 best tips on how to have a relaxed New […]

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New Year’s Eve with dog – How to recognize stress, anxiety, and fear.

New Year’s Eve is an event to celebrate for many people. Parties, loud music, sparklers, and fireworks are simply part of it. But many dog owners have a rather queasy feeling when they think of New Year’s Eve. The reason: their dog is afraid. But how do you actually know if your dog is anxious, […]

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My dog barks in the car – what can I do?

Can your dog really relax during the car ride? No? Then you are like many dog owners. Because although the beloved family dog is to be taken along preferably everywhere, it is often forgotten that driving a car must be practiced just like seat and place! Why does my dog bark in the car? – […]

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